Caracteristici generale


Advanced interface
Manage and interact with the model

Modelling tools
Text, graphical and automatic creation of geometry and loads

3rd party links
Integrate GSA with BIM and other 3rd party products

Non-linear elements
Compression-only struts, tension-only ties, non-linear springs, and cables

Non-linear materials
Elastic-Orthotropic and Elastic-Plastic Isotropic materials

2D elements
Plane Stress, Plane Strain, Flat Plate, Flat Shell elements

Linear analysis
1st order static analysis

Staged analysis
Add, remove, and change elements and constraints within analyses

P-Delta analysis
Analyse for the changes in stiffness caused by load

Nonlinear analysis 
Analyse for geometric and material non-linearity over large deflections

Dynamic analysis
Modal and Ritz analysis, including P-Delta effects

Dynamic response
Seismic, Harmonic, Linear Timer History, and Periodic analyses

Buckling analysis
Modal buckling of 1D & 2D elements, Non-linear buckling of 1D elements

Bridge loading
Lane and vehicle load optimisation for highway and railway bridges

Footfall analysis
Calculate accelerations, velocities and response factors from pedestrian loading

RC slab design
Design of reinforced concrete slabs and walls to international standards

Steel design 
Design of steel beams, columns, and braces to international design codes

GSA SwitchKeys utility
A small utility to allow those customers who have multiple variants of GSA shared licences to easily swap between them

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