Steel Member Design


Design of steel members to:

  • Australia: AS 4100:1998
  • Canadian: CSA S16-09
  • Eurocode: EN 1993-1-1:2005 Eurocode 3 (including French, Dutch,  UK, Singapore, and UK fire annexes)
  • Hong Kong: HKSUOS:05 & 11
  • India: ISS 800:1984 & 2007
  • UK: BS 5950-1:2000
  • South African: SANS 10162-1:2011
  • Generic: Stress check

Output options

  • Contouring of utilization ratios
  • Tabular output of utilization ratios and verbose and brief calculations
  • Colour highlighting of errors and warnings in calculations
  • Automatic calculation of effective buckling lengths based on specified member restraints

Steel member design features include:

  • Support for curved and explicit members
  • Results are available in various forms, including numeric utilization ratios and calculations as rich text.
  • The different forms of result available mean that the user can avoid information overload, but can still audit the calculations at a very basic level when appropriate.
  • Utilization ratios can be plotted (contoured) on the model just like any other numeric result, so enabling rapid understanding of which parts of a structure are overstressed or are over designed.
  • Calculation results are marked up in colour to draw attention to problems and important results within the calculations. They are available in both brief and verbose formats.
  • Restraints can be specified in detail so that the program can evaluate the effective buckling lengths of complex multi-span beams. Alternatively, the user can specify the effective lengths (as is common in other steelwork design packages). Assistance is available to set up restraints, which are necessarily more complex than restraints used in analysis models.

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