Cross section

The wide functionality of ConSteel connected with cross-sections suggested detaching a separate module: csSection.

This module collects all the tools related to the creation, property calculation, stress analysis and standard design of a cross-section.

Two parallel modeling possibilities exist: the General Solid Section (GSS) is an accurate finite element based surface model for any kind of cross-sections including inhomogeneous materials (reinforced concrete, composite sections), the Elastic Plate Segment (EPS) is a thin-walled model specially for steel profiles. The steel standard design formulas are easy to evaluate on the EPS model including the real effective section generation of class 4 cross-sections based on the sectional forces resulted from the structural analysis.

GSS section model

The General Solid Section (GSS) was created in order to model any kind of cross sections as accurately as possible.

The model dissolves the section with arbitrary shape into triangle elements and calculates the sectional properties by the finite element method. The section can be assembled with any number of different materials and the automatic finite element mesh generates separate triangles for the certain materials controlling the mesh size according to the elastic properties of the material, consequently the module is appropriate for exact modeling of reinforced concrete, composite or inhomogeneous steel sections.

Beyond the usual properties (sectional area, second moment of inertia, etc.) the GSS model precisely calculates the torsional and shear properties like St. Venant and warping moment of inertia, shear areas and factors, etc., and these accurate properties are used in the global analysis.

The elastic normal, torsional and shear stresses can also be calculated on this model using a spectacular colored view. For reinforced concrete and composite sections the refined normal force-bending moment interactive 3D resistance surface can be generated with its coordinate plane and arbitrary 2D sections.

EPS section model

The Elastic Plate Segment (EPS) model is a thin-walled simplification of the usually steel profiles from welded, hot-rolled or cold-formed sections.

The model is very easy and fast to calculate and has accurate results for thin-walled sections compared with the GSS model, which can be used and run for the same section side by side.

The model yields the same general, torsional and shear properties and stresses and moreover it calculates the static moments and sectional classes according to the Eurocode.

The EPS model is also very suitable for evaluating all of the standard design formulas in a very sophisticated way. In the case of Class 4 profile the effective cross-section is automatically generated based on the proper sectional forces, and the standard procedures can be evaluated on this effective section.

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